Browns on a Winning Streak?

The Browns have begun their winning streak with a win last week.  And, the Steelers have already clenched their division title.  Don’t be surprised to see a Browns’ victory today.  I expect the Steelers to be taking it easy  and give the Browns an opportunity to earn another victory.   This will be sweet for the Browns since they are playing in Steeler territory.

Cowboys Have The Advantage

Not much anxiety for the Cowboys since they have the NFC best record this season.  They will also enjoy a home field advantage throughout the playoffs with a 12-2 advantage.

The Lions need to have this victory going in to the final game of the season since it  will deterime who will have the wild card berth between the Packers and the Lions.

I think the Cowboys will generate the bulk of the fantasy points.


Spoiler Alert!

We’ve got the Giants at the Eagles tonight!  The Giants are trying to hold on to a slim chance of winning the NFC East.  The Eagles, who are already out of the playoffs, will probably take more chances to beat the Giants than  at any other time this season.  The Giants have swept the Cowboys, this year and the Eagles want to be able to spoil the  Giant’s hopes of winning the NFC East.  The home field advantage will be, just that, an advantage for the Eagles over the Giants.  As the under dogs, the Eagles have nothing to lose.  They would like nothing more than to spoil the Giants NFC East title run….because of their big rivalry.  As far as fantasy points…both teams are capable but, because it is a divisioal game between rivalries I don’t expect a whole lot of offense for these teams because they  both a very defensive mindset.

Panthers Still Have Fireworks Left in ‘Em

After coming off of a disappointing effort to replicate their run to the Super Bowl last year, and falling short this season, this has to be  very disappointing to a young Carolina Panther football team.  The Washington Redksins are still in the play off hunt and if they can win out they will more than likely get a wild card berth.  The Redskins have played very good football with Kirk Cousins and the receiving core.  Washington also plays good defense! But, I think that if Carolina, can  get some people back…especially linebacker Luke Kuechly, this could be a heartbreaker for the Redskins.  The Panthers still have the fireworks offensively but, they have not played to their potential.  So, barring turnovers, this could be very well be a shoot out between the Panthers and the Redskins.

Cowboys Need To Bounce Back

The Cowboys have clenched a playoff berth but they are trying to stay focused in order to have the home field advantage in the NFC playoffs.  Tampa Bay has been playing very good football over the last five or six games and to get a victory in this game would be an opportuniity to make some noise on thier way to  the playoffs.

Look for Dak Prescott to have a much better performance today as opposed to his performance against the Giants.   There are some good fantasy players on both teams today.  Look out for Dez Bryant and Ezekiel Elliott for the Cowboys and Jameis Winston and Mike Evans with Tampa Bay.