Viva Los Raiders En Mexico!

Texans and Raiders in Mexico tonight!  Both teams have young quarterbacks but, expect the Raiders to prevail.  Raiders have Derek Carr, an excellent receiver, that has had an good season as a Raider.

Houston Texan, Osweiler, has had tremendous help from running back Lamar Miller and one of the best receivers  in the league, De Andre Hopkins.

Both teams are in for an altitude challenge tonight!  Grab your oxygen masks…

Titans And Colts Up In The Air

I expect this to be another game with the potential for a great deal of fantasy points to be earned.  Both the Titans and the Colts quarterbacks are first round  picks.  The Titans have the advantage of  being good at both throwing and running the ball.  And,  the Colts, Andrew Luck, likes to put the ball in the air.  That is a good thing because…. putting the ball in the air is the only t option for the Colts.