Spoiler Alert!

We’ve got the Giants at the Eagles tonight!  The Giants are trying to hold on to a slim chance of winning the NFC East.  The Eagles, who are already out of the playoffs, will probably take more chances to beat the Giants than  at any other time this season.  The Giants have swept the Cowboys, this year and the Eagles want to be able to spoil the  Giant’s hopes of winning the NFC East.  The home field advantage will be, just that, an advantage for the Eagles over the Giants.  As the under dogs, the Eagles have nothing to lose.  They would like nothing more than to spoil the Giants NFC East title run….because of their big rivalry.  As far as fantasy points…both teams are capable but, because it is a divisioal game between rivalries I don’t expect a whole lot of offense for these teams because they  both a very defensive mindset.